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June 2024
July 2024

Masterclass: Lost Wax Casting without Wax – Antonis Koutouzis

with The Glass Hub Team

Explore ‘lost wax’ casting techniques without wax. Antonis will guide you through the process of creating positive and negative forms in silicone for a cleaner, more efficient, and more accurate realisation of almost any shape for casting in glass.

Tue 9 July 2024 - Fri 12 July 2024

£795.00 / SOLD OUT

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September 2024

Masterclass: Flame to Furnace – Laura Quinn

with Laura Quinn

Cross the boundaries between flameworking and glassblowing and create intricate flameworked forms using cane pulled from the furnace and apply to blown vessels in the hotshop. An experimental class with artist Laura Quinn.

Tue 10 September 2024 - Fri 13 September 2024

£895.00 / Places Left: 5

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Masterclass: Hot Sculpting Form and Texture – Theo Brooks

with Theo Brooks

An exciting opportunity to study hot glass sculpture with Theo Brooks; from the basics of solid sculpting using a torch to creating larger, intricate, and composite sculptures. You will work with both blown and solid forms and cover surface qualities and texturing.

Wed 25 September 2024 - Fri 27 September 2024

£795.00 / Places Left: 4

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October 2024

Masterclass: Ombre Pâte de Verre Vessels – Joshua Kerley

with Joshua Kerley

Create beautifully textured glass vessels with the ‘pâte de verre’ or 'paste of glass' technique. Using a range of grades of frit, you will experiment with colour mixing and blending to produce a palette of unique hues and tones. A speculative and playful approach to colour application and mixing will very much be encouraged.

Wed 2 October 2024 - Fri 4 October 2024

£600.00 / SOLD OUT

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Masterclass: Screen Printing on Glass – James Cockerill

with James Cockerill

Explore the exciting potential of hand-pulled, silk screen printing onto glass. Using traditional glass paints and enamels, you will build up layers of print to create stunning one-off works of art.

Thu 10 October 2024 - Fri 11 October 2024

£420.00 / Places Left: 5

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Masterclass: Trust the Process – Katherine Huskie

with Katherine Huskie

Improve your glassmaking skills and learn how to ‘work smart’, increasing efficiency and productivity. Katherine Huskie of Devereux and Huskie Glassworks will help you break down the core aspects of your glassblowing and develop fundamental skills to boost your creativity and help grow your practice.

Thu 17 October 2024 - Sat 19 October 2024

£895.00 / Places Left: 3

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November 2024

Masterclass: Colour Dropouts – Ruth Shelley

with Ruth Shelley

Have you ever wanted to re-create the colours that inspire you into glass but not sure where to start. Ruth Shelley will guide you through the Bullseye colour palette with demonstrations, practical hands-on experiments and discussion.

Tue 5 November 2024 - Fri 8 November 2024

£695.00 / Places Left: 3

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Masterclass: Collage for Kiln Casting – Georgia Redpath

with Georgia Redpath

From paper into glass - explore collage and paper sculpting techniques to create original relief models focussing on form and texture. You will then move on to mould-making techniques, using rubbers, and finally making the investment moulds which will hold and shape glass in the kiln.

Tue 12 November 2024 - Fri 15 November 2024

£695.00 / Places Left: 3

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