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Breanna making a glass vase
Courtesy of HEVEN

Light years from their other lives, Breanna Box and Peter Dupont arrived at The Glass Hub on a cool morning between lockdowns …to fall in love with glassblowing.

Busy international fashion models, creatives and influencers by day, this dynamic duo applied themselves to glassmaking with passion and an innate sense of style. Within weeks, they had set up and branded their own glass collection – HEVEN. With articles in Vogue and The Face in hot pursuit …they created quite a stir across the fashion and glass worlds.

Photo @deadhungry / Courtesy of HEVEN

"This was more than a brief encounter captured their imagination"

Breanna and Peter were originally booked onto our 3-day glassblowing course in March 2020 – the beginning of UK’s first lockdown. It was inevitably postponed like all of our courses last spring and summer. Through continued communication and unrivalled enthusiasm, they were first to the door when we finally opened the studio for private hire. This was more than a brief encounter with the material, for them, glass captured their imagination – it was a new life, a new creative out-breath.

"...they took the glass home, and next thing we know, it's beautifully photographed and sold!"

It was clear from the start that their approach was a little different. Using their unique fashion references and fierce eye for detail, they quickly consumed the glassmaking techniques and developed their own style. Not only did Peter and Breanna learn how to handle the material and work with each other, absorbing technique at a lightening pace …they took the glass home, and next thing we know, it’s beautifully photographed and sold!

Other glass artists may make glass and dream of it being in a magazine, but this was the fashion industry with all the contacts, the know-how and confidence to just put it out there.

Breanna Box glassblowing at The Glass Hub

"They made, they smashed, they picked up from the floor, you name it, they tried it."

Besides having a natural flair and a contact book to dream of, they also listened to all of my instruction as I barked orders in boot camp style (from afar). Each day was filled with excitement, drama and results. They took instruction well, and soon played around with what they had learned, combining process with fresh ideas. They made, they smashed, they picked up from the floor, you name it, they tried it.

Sometimes, using the workshop as a photo-shoot opportunity, Breanna wore outrageous clothes, but always while still learning, and making. Not a second was lost during the treasured time they spent in the hot shop, and the results speak for themselves. It’s a pleasure teaching them, especially when they soak up information like sponges, and take it straight to the next level.

"What most impressed me with Peter and Breanna is their sheer delight in the process and willingness to ‘just have a go’."

Glass is an awesome material to work with. There is nothing like shaping hot glass straight from a furnace …I think everyone should try it, at least once in their lives. Becoming a master glassblower can take a lifetime. Like horse riding, a lot of skill lies in body or muscle memory …but you don’t need to be a master to enjoy it.

What most impressed me with Peter and Breanna is their sheer delight in the process and willingness to ‘just have a go’. Glass can be technically brilliant and there is a definite wow factor in this, but then there is the ‘art’ of it, and pure, unadulterated creative exploration. Not caring too much about the outcome or what others think is liberating. P and B threw themselves into glassblowing and yes, there were some catastrophes, but there were also amazing outcomes.

Peter Dupont working with hot glass while Breanna Box photographs him

"...a force of nature"

Breanna and Peter are a force of nature and just don’t stop, they literally make something and sell it as it goes in the lehr to cool …It’s extraordinary. They know they are having fun while being creative and learning a new skill – I have the most respect for them.

It’s been a blast!

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