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the glass hub decarbonising project

Help us make a change …and not the climate!

It has been a long-held aim of ours to reduce the impact of our glassmaking school on the environment by investing in cleaner and more efficient systems.

We are reaching out for support as we embark on a project to reduce our carbon footprint and future-proof our school. We have partial funding but not enough and this is where you can help.

The Glass Hub has been welcoming students into glassmaking since 2012. We were the first glass school to use smaller, portable glassblowing furnaces. They do not need to run 24/7 therefore use less gas, are cheaper to run and have a lower environmental impact. We want to do more, yet the huge increase in our energy costs have left us running on a shoestring instead of investing. This has also pushed us perilously close to closing our doors altogether.

We have been given a lifeline by our local council in the form of a grant to improve our energy efficiency.

With it we can upgrade and improve our equipment, facilities, and technologies to reduce our fuel consumption and carbon footprint. We will combat material wastage and inefficiency, reduce heat loss and re-use waste heat from the furnaces to heat our studios. This much needed investment will lead to better teaching facilities, more educational opportunities, and improvement in learning outcomes. It will help us continue doing what we love – teaching glassmaking and spreading the wonder of this ancient material and skill.

Why do we need your help?

This incredible grant from ‘Invest in Wiltshire’ is only available to us if we can match the funding. Despite putting everything we had into it we still have a shortfall, so have started a Crowdfunder campaign to raise the remaining funds.

We really hope you can support this project and our school by making a donation, any amount, large or small. There are several choices of donation, it can be public or private and we have organised some rewards too. If you would like more information about the project and our plans then please get in touch.

Help us make a difference and continue to bring glass into your lives.

Helga Watkins-Baker, KT Yun & The Glass Hub Team

Donation Rewards

We’ve set up a few rewards based on donations and although you are not obliged to receive them, something just might tickle your fancy…

  • £25 – Website Thanks. Your name (if wished) will be included in a list of sponsors on our Website.
  • £50 – Signed limited edition A3 Glass Hub Poster. If you like the sound of this you will receive one of our past promotional posters signed by the team.
  • £100 – Blow a Bauble. Come along and blow a glass bauble in our studio.
  • £250 – Make your own bespoke artwork. Join us for a 1 hour hands-on glassblowing session in the hot shop, or 2 hours lampworking or fusing in our warm glass studio to create your unique glass artwork.
  • £500 – Exclusive Access to The Glass Hub Studio
    Exclusive access to our glass studios for an afternoon of glass demonstrations, talks, food and drink with your hosts KT Yun and Helga Watkins-Baker. Why not bring along a partner, friend or family member. A suitable date to be arranged with you and up to two people can attend. Only 10 of these exclusive events available.
  • £500 – 10% Off Our Courses For Life
    As a valued contributor to our school you will receive 10% off of any future courses that you book – for life, with not cut off date! The discount will apply to all class bookings that you make for yourself to attend and will be deducted from the value of your place. Our usual T&Cs for bookings apply and the discount cannot be used in conjunction with other discounts on the same booking. Only 10 available!

Of course we are truly grateful for any help reward or not.

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