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One Day Glassblowing

Our one day glassblowing course is both an exciting experience day and a great introduction to glassblowing for beginners. Learn the fundamentals of this ancient craft while you make your own glass objects, using hot, molten glass straight from the furnace.

Glassblowing Experience Morning (Half-Day)

A great glassblowing 'taster' and introduction to the magic of glass. You will gather hot molten glass straight from the furnace and shape into two objects. Through hands-on making you will gain first-hand insight into this ancient craft.

3-Day Glassblowing (Beginner)

Discover the potential of glassmaking over three days, enough time to fully immerse yourself in hot glass blowing techniques. This is an excellent fun and stimulating course for those looking for a more solid foundation and better understanding of glassblowing techniques.

Glassblowing Weekend

Learn how to gather, blow and shape hot molten glass straight from the furnace. This is a wonderful introduction to glassmaking, with plenty of hands-on practice in small groups of up to four students per tutor. Come and experience this ancient craft and create your own glass pieces.

Just Blown Away with Elliot Walker

Here at the Hub we’ve been glued to season 2 of the Netflix reality glassblowing series ‘Blown Away’, right to the nail-biting finale…

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