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Masterclass: Advanced Pattern Making in Glass – Ian Chadwick

Explore advanced pattern forming in fused glass over five days with glass artist Ian Chadwick. Working from Bullseye glass stringer sheets, you will expand your knowledge and experience of both kiln-forming and cold-working techniques to produce intricate, geometric, mandala-like patterns.

Ruth Dresman Sandblasting

Explore the creative possibilities of sandblasting glass. Ruth will guide you through the processes and mechanics using a selection of resists with your own designs. This is an excellent course for those who want to get to grips with this undervalued technique.

Lampworking Beads

Discover the art of lampworking beads. One of our experienced glass tutors will guide you through the fundamentals of lampworking (flameworking) using a torch. You will work from your own torch to design and make 10 or more beads over the day, using a wide selection of colours and processes.

3-Day Kilnworking

Explore techniques for manipulating glass in the kiln. Over three days you will try out fusing processes such as reactive fusing, iridescent fusing and deep fusing, as well as slumping, drop-out moulds, pot melts and open-faced moulds - creating form and texture in cast glass.

One-Day Glass Fusing

Discover the art of fusing glass and explore a variety of techniques. You will learn the fundamentals of glass cutting, assembly, inclusions, kiln firing and slumping under the expert guidance of the Glass Hub Tutors. A great introduction for beginners or artists working in other mediums to experiment with this art form.

3-Day Explore Glass

Explore a range of hot, warm and cold glassmaking techniques from glass blowing and fusing to beadmaking, sandcasting and more. An intensive three-day course with plenty of hands-on making, where you will learn a lot and have fun exploring the magic of glassmaking.

Glassblowing Taster (Half-Day) 2pm

A great glassblowing 'taster' and introduction to the magic of glass. You will gather hot molten glass straight from the furnace and shape into two objects. Through hands-on making you will gain first-hand insight into this ancient craft.

One-Day Glassblowing

An exciting day and a great introduction to glassblowing for beginners. Learn the fundamentals of the craft while you make your own glass objects, using hot, molten glass straight from the furnace.

3-Day Glassblowing (Intermediate)

If you already have some blowing experience then take your glassblowing to the next stage. The focus of this class will be to learn to work more independently - blowing tumblers, working with colour and much more! Fully immerse yourself in the process, move at your own pace and stretch your limits.

Masterclass: Flexible Fusing – Matthew Szosz

Build flexible, inflatable, and expandable fusings that can be brought out of the kiln to be worked in three dimensions. Students will learn methods and techniques for assembling fusible structures in flat glass, and bringing those structures to a working point from which they can be manipulated either inside or outside the kiln.
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