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Glassblowing Weekend

Learn how to gather, blow and shape hot molten glass straight from the furnace. This is a wonderful introduction to glassmaking, with plenty of hands-on practice in small groups of up to four students per tutor. Come and experience this ancient craft and create your own glass objects.

1-Day Further Fusing

An opportunity to explore some exciting new techniques in fusing and slumping, including crackle fusing, flexi-glass medium, working with dichroic glass and drop-out slumping.

1-Day Glass Fusing

Discover the art of fusing glass and explore a variety of techniques to create your own designs in glass. You will learn the fundamentals of glass cutting, assembly, inclusions, kiln firing and slumping under the expert guidance of the Glass Hub Tutors. A great introduction for beginners or artists working in other mediums to experiment with this art form.

Masterclass: The Perfect Vessel – Karl Harron

The aim of this 7-day class led by artist and master craftsman Karl Harron is to achieve a "sublime form". While negotiating the technical challenges of deep-slumping into three-step ceramic moulds, students will be encouraged to develop their aesthetic and conceptual perspective, rather than just mastering a technique.

Vitrigraph and Murrine

On this course we will focus on the use of small elements to make fused glass pieces. Working with sheet glass we will create pattern bar, which will be fused and cut. We will also work with the vitrigraph to create pulled coloured cane to be used in our fused pieces.

Fossil Vitra

An opportunity to explore the fossil vitra method, as well as stencil techniques, to create interesting new effects in fusing. We will use prepared organic objects such as leaves to explore powder application, as well as stencils to create imagery, developing new ways of creating 'fossil' like effects and natural forms in our fused glass pieces.

Masterclass: Kiln Casting – Fiaz Elson

Create movement in kiln cast glass as veils and streaks of colour. Well known for her beautiful use of colour in cast sculpture, Fiaz will encourage students to experiment and find their own personal expressions. An inventive and experimental course, exploring mould-making techniques, colour manipulations and cold-working.

Masterclass: Advanced Pattern Making in Glass – Ian Chadwick

Over five days you will explore principles of advanced pattern forming in fused glass. Using pre-formed Bullseye glass stringer sheets, students will expand their knowledge and experience of kiln-forming and cold-working techniques to produce intricate patterns which utilise symmetry and geometry to create hypnotising mandala-like patterns.
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